Meet Roger Fowler - Striped Bass


"I have never entered an art show so I guess the awards I’ve received are my customers accepting the completed sculptures. I don’t take deposits and ship on approval. I’ve had three sculptures returned in 18 years."
Roger Fowler

Roger Fowler is the kind of guy that after you’ve talked to him for 15 minutes you’re sure you’ve known him for months and if you like art and love fly fishing, it’s more like years.

FLM: Where did you grow up – go to college?

RF: “I grew up in Memphis, Texas – about 80 miles southeast of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle and I went to the University of Texas.”

FLM: How did you get into fly fishing?

RF: “Fishing has always been part of my life. My grandfather and dad enjoyed sharing the outdoors with my brother and me. Our family spent summer vacations on the Taylor River in Colorado fly fishing for trout. Trout fishing was an obsession with my dad and he passed it on to me.”

FLM: What got you into art?

RF: “After I got married, I took a job that required a lot of travel. In my spare time, I always sought-out art galleries. My art interest was primarily focused on trout and fly-fishing sculptures. What became apparent to me was that very little of it appealed to me. None, in fact, of the sculptures capably reflected light in a realistic manner. Finally, convinced I could do it much better, I decided to attempt to make a trout that was realistic. I only worked in bronze then, but that was 20 years ago.”

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