"I've never seen a trout sculpture that rivals yours. The way you polish and texture the metal and then add a transparent patina is unprecedented. The sculpture actually reflects light like a live trout. Congratulations."
Art Bond
Western Wildlife Art

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout

Rainbow 29

Brown Trout .22

"Thank you so much for creating the beautiful rainbow. It far exceeded my expections and is proudly displayed in my home in Jackson Hole."
Dick Cheney

Snake River Cutthroat Trout

Rainbow .19

Rainbow .30

Desktop Rainbow

Rainbow .13

Rio Grande Cutthroat

Steelhead .34

Trout and Steelhead Sculptures

Notes: On the large 29” and 30” rainbows we can alter the angles and the size of the bronze or steel “rocks” to fit any size requirement you might have.  I'm also interested in making two or three new trout sculpture editions this year so please give me a call if you'd like to have a size that's not shown.  Every trout is a little different.  In a river and in my studio.  If you'll send me your photos I can make you something very special.

Please call if you see a trout sculpture you like but don't see the size you want.  Over the years we have made many new sculptures to depict a special fish for someone's office or home.  

I think that trout are the most beautiful fish in existence and their images have a chance to make some of the most beautiful sculpture.  We polish the metal and add a very transparent patina that allows the light to reflect off of the metal and back through the transparent color...........much like a live fish.

Please let us create a trout sculpture for you. There's no deposit and we will ship the sculpture on approval.