"I've looked for the definitive speckled trout sculpture for years and was beginning to think it didn't exist.  I've caught hundreds of specks and knew what I wanted.  I was excited when I found your website and thrilled when I opened the box two months later.  I can't believe its so perfect.  Thank you."
Dr. James Linn
Houston, TX

Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout Sculptures

This is one of my favorite sculptures.  There isn't a more perfect metal to cast a bright speckled trout that stainless steel.  It also re-creates one of my favorite scenes in fishing.......watching an aggressive trout chasing baitfish in shallow water and seeing the bait shoot out of the water looking like little silver blurs.

The speck in this sculpture is approximately 17” long.  I am planning on making at least two new speckled trout sculptures this year so please call with any ideas for a different size.

This base was made from a very unusual light colored walnut burl.  I really enjoy attempting to find beautiful burl wood for these bases.  We have access to anything you can imagine. Please remember there is no deposit and we'll ship the sculpture on approval.