" Roge, the sculpture you created for the club is stunning.  Thank you.”
John Newman
Sailfish Club of Florida
Palm Beach, FL

Sailfish .84

Sailfish .48

Sailfish .17

Sailfish Sculptures

We have three sailfish:  an 84”, 48” and 15”.  The two larger sculptures can be configured in a variety of ways from using the wall in a high ceiling area to various sizes of pedestals depending on the room or outdoor area.  Each will be a little different due to the method we create the sail.  I use 1/8” stainless and then apply extreme heat to make the sail move in random directions.  I think it gives the sculpture a little more lifelike appearance.

Also, the transparent patinas used on the sails reflect what I've seen when these fish are teased close to the boat in order to take a shot with a flyrod.  I was shocked the first time I saw a sail that was excited and showing almost neon colors.