"We're in awe of fish-focused artists who can take something as compelling as a tarpon and draw artistic inspiration from it.  Our friends Roger and Cathy Fowler have been creating amazing art and beautiful sculptures for years.
We recently received a beautiful tarpon head sculpture here at the Yellow Dog offices.  Everyone here agrees it is one of the coolest, most unique things they have ever seen."
Ian Davis
Yellow Dog Flyfishing




"You have once again outdone yourself with our tarpon trophies. Many compliments came in."
Michael J. Criscola
Chairman, Gold Cup Tournament



Tarpon Sculptures

Frustration with a tarpon sculpture 20 years ago resulted in our making the shift from casting in bronze to stainless steel.  You simply can't make bronze look like the flank of a tarpon.  Even though stainless is more expensive, in my opinion, there is simply no alternative to polished steel if you want the sculpture to look like a tarpon, bonefish or permit.

The tarpon head sculpture is made to the scale of a 100 lb fish.  I'm working on smaller size that will be identical in scale but 1/3 the size.

Also, the Leaping Tarpon I is a 42” tarpon that can be shown in a variety of ways both indoors or out.  Please call or email if you'd like more images of the tarpon sculptures.

There are no deposits and the sculptures are shipped on approval.