Roger and Cathy Fowler

I think there is something magical about the appearance of a fish seen up close. No creature on earth has such an interesting combination of complex colors and many look like they are illuminated from within when they are seen in direct sunlight.

22 years ago my goal was to create a sculpture that looked lifelike, a new unique kind of sculpture which reflected light and displayed color as if it were alive. A sculpture that was completely different from anything I had ever seen. One that would stand out in a gallery or in a collection of other sculptures with traditional patinas.

“I’ve never seen a trout sculpture that rivals yours. The way you polish and texture the metal and then add a transparent patina is unprecedented. The sculpture actually reflects light like a live trout. Congratulations.”
Art Bond
Western Wildlife Art

Our sculpture today is primarily polished stainless steel, or polished bronze when appropriate for such species as redfish. I use an extremely transparent patina that allows the polished metal to reflect light back through the color to give the sculpture its lifelike appearance. Each piece is sealed with a clear coating designed specifically for outdoor sculpture.

Roger Fowler with rainbow trout

All of the work on each piece is done in our studio. Molds of our original carvings are made by my wife and partner, Cathy (who also creates angels in bronze and is an accomplished author). We don’t allow the foundries to do anything other than rough-cast the stainless and bronze. All of the finish work, from grinding and polishing the metal to applying the color detail is mine. As a result, you get a sculpture that was made one at a time by the artist who signed it.

These sculptures are intensely personal as I am trying very hard to make each one better than the last. My goal for each sculpture is very straight forward, I am attempting to make it the best in the world. I hope that’s what you are seeking. Thanks for taking a look.

John Rogers Fowler