"Fowler’s passion for flyfishing and his awareness of the unique beauty of fish provide the inspiration to create unique, lifelike sculptures of gamefish that are widely considered to be among the finest in the world."
Sporting Classics Magazine

Redfish .24

Tails I

Tails II

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Pair of Reds

Redfish Sculptures

While steel is perfect for a speckled trout, polished bronze is the definitive metal for a red. We have three different redfish sculptures. Redfish .24 is a 24” red and it is available on a bronze or stone base. Redfish .36 is a new 36” sculpture that will be available soon.

Of all the sculptures we've made, the Pair of Reds might be the most interesting based on the way the polished bronze and transparent patina work together to reflect light. The colors are constantly during the day as the light levels increase/decrease. At night, with a halogen spotlight, another entirely new perspective is shown. It could easily be my favorite.

Pair of Reds features two 18” fish with one tailing over a crab and the second fish coming up from behind.

There are no deposits and I will ship the sculpture on approval.