"Roge, thank you for the beautiful bonefish sculpture.  I've caught hundreds of bones and the sculpture you made for the entry of our office is incredible.  I get to go to a saltwater flat every time I walk in the door."
John Charvat, President
Brunswick Marine Group

Tailing Bonefish .16

Tailing Bonefish .30

Pair of Bones II

Bonefish Sculptures

There is no more perfect metal than polished stainless steel to depict a bonefish.  These sculptures are available with either a traditional bronze “bottom” or  limestone  which is inlaid into the wood.  We have access to many varieties of beautiful burl so please don't hesitate to tell us your preferences.

Note: We can use any variety of wood you prefer for the bases.  Also, the angle of the large 30” Tailing Bonefish can be changed to fit an overall height requirement you might have.  I'm also interested in making a couple of new bonefish sculptures so please call if you'd like to have a size not shown.

There are no deposits and the sculpture will be shipped on approval.