"Roge, The Atlantic Salmon sculpture is remarkable. I’ve seen a lot of salmon art and there’s nothing out there that comes close to your sculpture. There are a lot of beautiful things in this store and your sculpture was a magnet while it was here."
Jim Balestrieri
Holland and Holland

Atlantic Salmon .13

Atlantic Salmon .24

Atlantic Salmon .48

Desktop Silver

Silver Salmon .24

Salmon Bookends

Salmon Sculptures

We have three Atlantic Salmon sculptures........48”, 24” and 13”.  There is no more perfect metal for a dime bright salmon that's just arrived in fresh water than stainless steel.

The silver salmon salmon is available in two sizes..........24” and a smaller “desktop version”.  I'm very interested in making 2-3 new salmon sculptures this year so please call if you would like to see something in a different size,  There are no deposits and I will ship the sculpture on approval.