The Story of the Sailfish

Have you ever noticed that stunning sailfish sculpture displayed in the center of the main bar? We at the Club are crazy over the piece created by John Rogers “Roge” Fowler and wife, Cathy Fowler. After many inquiries from Sailfish Club members visiting the bar, we set out to investigate how this duo crafted such a unique piece of artwork.

Aug. 24, 2009: 2009 Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament: Second Victory For Charleston Angler

Twenty-five anglers competed for the largest tarpon on fly June 15 – 19, 2009 from the Lorelei, Islamorada, Florida Keys. This is the forty-sixth anniversary of the Gold Cup. Tarpon are measured with the weight calculated by a formula. Twenty nine weight fish, a minimum of 70 pounds were caught and released, and 102 tarpon a minimum of 4 feet were also caught and released.